Grooming Salon

Your Pensacola, FL Grooming Salon

Our number one priority is the health and safety of your pet! We use the highest quality products and spend the time necessary with each pet to ensure they have a safe and enjoyable spa day!

REQUIRED VACCINES: Dogs: Da2PP, Rabies and Bordetella
Cats: Rabies, FVRCP


*We are a FLEA FREE facility. If fleas are found we require a Capstar treatment to be done. This tablet costs $8-9 and will be added to the charges. 

Grooming Salon

Your Pensacola, FL Grooming Salon

  • Deodorizing Shampoo
  • Blow Dry
  • Nail Trim
  • Anal Gland Expression (Externally)
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Scented Spritz

Call to get an estimate on price as prices vary by weight and length of coat. $26 – $55


Basic Bath

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  • Basic Bath + what’s included with it
  • Haircut

Call to get an estimate on price as prices vary by weight and length of coat. $40 – $120



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  • $70 Full Groom / Shave Down
  • $40 Basic Bath & Brush
  • $25 Soft Paws Application
  • $20 Sanitary Trim Only

**If sedation is needed, additional charges may occur, but we will call to give an estimate and get approval.

What’s offered?


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Shampoos & Conditioners Available: 

Griminator Deodorizing Shampoo (Used for our basic grooming services)
Hypoallergenic Oatlmeal Shampoo
Sensitive Skin Tar & Sulfur Shampoo
White Coat Whitening Shampoo
Tea Tree/Aloe Shampoo
Tearless Shampoo
Chlorhex 4% Medicated Shampoo
Cream Rinse Conditioner
Deshed Shampoo & Conditioner (Only available with our Deshed Package)
Detangling Conditioner


  • Custom Shampoo & Conditioner (chosen by you!)
  • Nail Dremmel
  • Internal Anal Gland Expression
  • Full Brushout OR Face, Feet, and Fanny trim (if needed)

The Works

Add On Spa Packages:

Pamper your pet with an added on spa package! Whether they need a specialty shampoo or you want their nails short and soft. We have fully customizable packages to benefit your pet in every way!


  • Specialty Shampoo and Conditioner specifically designed for shedding coat types.
  • Nail Dremmel
  • Internal Anal Gland Expression
  • Full Deshedding Brushout
  • Paw Pad Shave

The Deshed

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Custom Shampoo & Conditioner | $7

A La Carte Add On Services:

You can add these onto your dog’s bath or groom!

Dematting | $10

Medicated Chlorehexidine Shampoo | $10

Nail Dremmel | $15

Sanitary Trim | $15

Face, Feet, Fanny Trim | $25

She goes for grooming every 6 to 8 weeks. As soon as we head in the direction of the Vet, she gets excited. We literally run to the appointment, and she prances all over the office while I check her in. When I pick her up, she looks and smells terrific. The staff are friendly, easy to work with, and really accommodating. They treat my dog like she is family! (Obviously this photo is PRE-grooming, as we were running to the appointment) I just added the post grooming photo. Skylar is a miracle worker!

Kathleen I.

Oh my gosh! My dog, Willie, LOVES this place. 

They're easy to talk to and listen to your questions and what you have to say, even when you're worried and stressed about your pet. So grateful they were able to help my oldest, he needed teeth removed as soon as possible and they made it happen. I trust them with my fur babies, and they trust them as well!! Thanks to Dr. Matyi and everyone that helped get my cat the relief he needed immediately, he's already eating again.

Bonnie V.

My cats go here regularly, all the staff members are wonderful. 

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